Handmade candies, old-fashioned nut brittles and fantastic fudges.  We trace our roots back to 1934 where legend has it two brothers started a candy business to obscure the amount of sugar they were buying to make moonshine.

We still use most of the original candy making equipment - copper pots, gas stoves, wooden paddles and lots of love and attention in every batch of our candy.  

Customer Testimonials

Just got my order today. The candy is amazing! The fudge melts in your mouth and is delicious and the perfect sized treat! The hard candies are great! A must try if you love old fashioned candy!  Colleen F.

Bought this as a treat for myself because I love licorice! Definitely didn't disappoint! I wish I had ordered more! Going to have to come back for another purchase!  Shelly C.

I bought some of these for gifts and some just to have around the holidays. I opened the bag of chokecherry and they’re absolutely delicious.They have a deep flavor and reminds me of going to an old fashion candy shop in childhood.  Danni M.